W-3D – the 3D Manufactory

The smart 3D manufactory for high-quality components produced by state-of-the-art 3D printing processes.

Umwelt- und Klimaallianz Sachsen

Since February 2024 we are part of the Environmental and Climate Alliance of Saxony (UKA). It is a long-term, reliable network for exchange and communication between business and the state in Saxony. It makes the commitment of saxon companies to protecting the climate and the environment as well as their successes visible.

Future-orientated automated process steps enable the production of high-quality plastic components with reproducible quality.

The results of the surface finishing processes used are benchmarks in international comparison.

Consistent sustainability due to almost 100 percent CO₂ neutrality at all stages of production.

innovative spirit paired with experience makes US unmistakeable

Manufacturing process

The following process steps and procedures are used to manufacture high-quality products from various plastics – without the use of tools.

Data transfer / design

3D-Printing FDM/MJF

Breaking out / cleaning


Polyshot / Mass finishing

Vapour smoothing



Our commitment

Above all, quality is a mental attitude, combined with a multitude of optimised processes and the desire for continual improvement.

Our services

We know from experience that smart solutions, intelligently coordinated, are the productive factor to secure your future.

Photos from the W-3D production environment

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