Stages of a unique company history

About W-3D

Founded in Eisolzried in February 2022, W-3D-Manufaktur continues the long-standing tradition of innovative process developments and unrivalled quality, following the example set by WMS Zerspanungstechnik.

As seed capital, W-3D manufactory benefits from the many years of experience and leading know-how of WMS. This means that all components continue to be manufactured 100 per cent in-house for you, with the highest precision and consistently reproducible quality.

Strict quality controls and fast delivery mean they always arrive on time and ready for installation. The resulting synergies as well as the deliberately chosen production location in the Görlitz region from 2023 onwards provide a solid basis for the next success story.

HP Jet Fusion 5210 - 3D-Druck im "Pulverkuchen" | W-3D GmbH & Co. KG

1998  |  Founding of WMS Zerspanungstechnik

Manufacture of motorsport parts.

2003  |  CNC large-scale parts

Shafts for drive technology, manufactured with the highest precision.

2015  |  Entry into 3D printing

Prototyping in the FDM process.

2021  |  Expansion of the 3D printing field

FDM and MJF printers, dyeing and smoothing.

2022  |  Foundation W-3D GmbH & Co. KG

Production of FDM and MJF parts.

2023  |  Opening of the 3D printing center Sohland

Expansion of the production area to nearly 1.000 m2

2024  |  Welcome as a member of the Umwelt- und Klimaallianz Sachsen

Together for more sustainability

Our secret: want more, achieve more, set standards!

Quality is a question of character

A smart combination of technologies and processes as well as maximum care with great attention to detail create a completely new dimension of quality.

Thanks to smart process design, W-3D has succeeded in developing its own combination of processes to produce extremely smooth surfaces:

This means that even surface finishes from fine (Ra 0.8) to super-fine (Ra 0.5) are possible.

These quality standards, which can be reproduced at any time, are currently not only a clear unique selling point, but also a visible benchmark on the market.

Your added value

Thanks to significantly improved quality as well as a number of advanced manufacturing methods, it is already possible to replace aluminium parts with high-performance 3D-printed plastics.

This is especially true now, as the mechanical engineering sector is currently struggling with a shortage of special alloys as well as significantly higher prices for steel and aluminium.

Here, 3D printing will be able to offer a clearly noticeable added value in fixture and machine construction for the small parts sector and win over many customers as an intelligent problem solver.

No one is faster than time,
but we still try to keep a little ahead of it.

Recognise creative scope – use potential effectively

We believe in that little bit more commitment, leaving the beaten track and implementing new solutions.

Versatile user platform for every industry

From simple, sturdy components to highly complex geometries.

Previously unprofitable volumes are now a possibility

Highest versatility when loading the presses in the powder bed – no set-up or unproductive times.

Absolute scheduling and cost certainty

Prices can be calculated in detail and thus guaranteed – without any nasty surprises.

Discover new possibilities

Tremendous variety in the field of structures and materials surrounding plastic.

Master unsolvable problems

Almost limitless geometric freedom – in just one work step!

Anyone who wants to be successful in 3D printing
is always shaping a piece of the future.